The Rise of Streaming: A Look at What It Has Done for Music Consumption in the US.

The Rise of Streaming: A Look at What It Has Done for Music Consumption in the US.

Streaming is the new way to consume music. It has changed the way we listen and interact with music in a lot of ways.

With digital downloads, streaming, and vinyl sales declining, it’s clear that streaming is the future of music consumption. Streaming services such as Doodeo, Apple Music and Spotify have revolutionised how we listen to music and what we expect from our favorite artists. Here are some ways streaming has helped transform the music industry in America.

A Look at the Rise of Streaming in America

Streaming has helped change the way we consume music. It has broken down the barriers that once prevented an artist from reaching their fans and made it easier for them to connect with their listeners.

In addition, streaming services are becoming more popular than ever before. According to Nielsen Music, streaming now accounts for almost 40% of all US music consumption.

One of the big reasons for this is because streaming services provide a personal experience that no other platform can match. Unlike a CD or vinyl collection, which can’t be controlled by the listener, streaming allows you to pick your favorite songs and playlists and listen on any device at any time.

Another reason streaming is so popular is because it’s been bundled with other services such as Apple Music and Spotify Premium in mobile devices like iPhones and Androids. With these bundles, it’s easier than ever before to access all the music you want without having to buy multiple different subscriptions and still enjoy a personal experience.

It seems like there’s never been a better time to be involved in the music industry than now!

The Rise of Streaming and Music Consumption

The rise of streaming services has transformed the industry in America. The quality of music found on these services is far superior to what was available in the past.

Streaming services allow listeners to listen to songs that are unavailable on CD or vinyl and provide access to unlimited streaming for no monthly fee.

It’s easy for artists to release new content and get their work out to fans, who can then decide if they like it or not. This creates a level playing field for artists, as well as a chance for bands with less mainstream success to be discovered by potential new fans.

The Rise of Streaming and the Future of Music

Streaming is a natural progression in the direction of music. It is a way to be able to access music on any device with internet access, as well as listen to it anywhere you go. A new study shows that streaming has significantly increased the amount of music being consumed by listeners.

In fact, according to a study by MIDiA Research, Americans are listening to 6 hours more music every week than they did in 2013. This is thanks in large part to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

The study also found that nearly 52% of all respondents listened to live radio for one hour or less per week, which makes sense considering how much time people are spending with streaming services.

With this many listeners turning towards streaming, artists are able to monetize their content without relying on traditional methods like vinyl sales and digital downloads. This means more money for your favorite artists! And it also means there will be a lot more content available for you to listen to!


Streaming has basically become the new way to listen to music. With it, you can discover new artists and listen to music from anywhere, anytime. It’s great for people who can’t afford to buy every album by an artist or even have the number of CDs or vinyl records that would be necessary for a collection. And for people who don’t have time to sit down and listen to an album from start to finish, streaming allows them to hear a track or two of their favorite artist and decide if they like them enough to go buy the album.