One of the most vital traits of a happy and productive life is continuous development, peace of mind and above all, having regular dosage of quality entertainment. You need to look around and find the best resources, that elevate your mood and bring smiles to faces. 

Entertainment changes from regions, times and people. Depending on the personality of an individual preference can range from dancing, choirs, theatre, clubbing, music, and the list can go till infinite times. 


One thing is fairly static, locations and demographics play an integral part in what people select. For instance, Traditional and cultural music attracts a large crowd in the Middle East while in North America genres like trance, hip hop and R&B are more catchy and entertaining. 

Regions play an important role in the development and galvanizing country’s GDP, economy and image. People flock in large numbers to certain cities more than other areas due to their prominence in providing adept pleasure in their hectic lives. 

It’s easier said than done, as it takes decades and sometimes centuries to rank as some of the best places in terms of providing quality entertainment. 

L.A. L.A. L.A… 

Talking about music and entertainment, what better place to be if you want entertainment to find you. 

TWO WORDS: “LOS ANGELES”, and the shivers start creeping up the spine just by imagining the numerous types of fancy activities that can be done. 

The biggest industry of films and music in the world. Los Angeles incorporates events like Music, Movies, Comic, Magic, Games, Djs, Sports just to name a few and continue to expand its horizon in becoming the focal point in the world. 


L.A is one of the most prominent places exhibiting global talents. These
celebrities are ruling the world and are seen as one of the icons of the entertainment
industry. Here is a glimpse of what L.A has contributed to enthralling people’s

Popular Reality Tv Stars: 

The Kardashian family
Arguably one of the most popular families in the world. 

Big thanks to L.A. for giving singers and reality stars like these:

Hottest Singers & Rappers: 

Ice Cube 
An Angeleno and has mesmerized masses with his beats and

This L.A. born pop artist raised to prominence with some of the biggest hits ever and continued the norm of Los Angeles producing megastars. 

It is almost impossible to mention every name but some famous voice artist from L.A that deserved a publication are: 

Paula Abdul 

Nipsey Hussle 

Billie Eilish  _____ 

Chart-topping Actors: 

Jennifer Anniston
This F.R.I.E.N.D.S star also hails from L.A and has provided tremendous entertainment for decades.

Dustin Hoffman
One of the finest actors ever, L.A. providing the world with Mr. Hook. 

Marilyn Monroe
Beauty. Class. Elegance. Legend. 

Angelina Jolie
This versatile actress has also made her mark in the entertainment world through extremely challenging and engaging motion pictures like Wanted, Salt, Maleficent and many more. 

Leanardo Dicaprio
Another talent, who will surely be inducted in the hall of fame someday also hails from Los Angeles. 

Megan Markle – The Duchess
Do we really need to say anything now? The princess is also from L.A. 

Just a handful of names, that have proven their worth and captivated the globe through their respective niches. 


The essence of pleasure does not even drop an inch even at night times. Some of the best nightlife and partying are observed in Los Angeles. 

The Hollywood industry and celebrities just add the “Star” power to the atmosphere. The DJs are great and world-beaters and every second seems like an eternity. Providing activities for every age and group, this city now incorporates people from all around the world. 

Next time you plan for a vacation, make sure this gem of a city is on top of your desired destinations and just maybe you can bump into someone who you always watched on screen.