How to Communicate With Fans – A chat tool to help you connect with fans

How to Communicate With Fans – A chat tool to help you connect with fans

You must be asking yourself, “Do I need to have a chat on my artist website?”, “What chat solutions would be the best one and what channels should I use to communicate with my fans and website visitors?” 

Every artist and entertainer that starts an online marketing campaign, along with a website, wonders this and has the same questions. We will talk in this article how did we implement such a solution and which one was the best choice on the market.

Being an artist in the digital world. 

Digital marketing is now not just an asset for professional entertainers, but also a need to have in order to succeed in any business. And having the right tool to help get there is a key in this game, especially when we are talking about communicating with the audience. And JivoChat is here to help anyone that wants to make it happen with the best omnichannel communication tool on the market, and the best of all is that is free. 

One of the new skills that a modern age professional entertainer must have now days is to properly manage and know about digital marketing and how to promote themselves on different social media, ads, blogs and owning their professional website. Understanding and arm their digital channels of promotion and communication with the latest tools to properly go to market strategy is also a must to get the best results and make their entertainment business succeed and running big profitable.

Connecting with your audience. 

Among those skills and crucial tools, a key one that should bring in just one place all your communication channels would be a good chat solution that can integrate all your channels in one dashboard, so a legit omnichannel communication tool.

Introducing: Jivochat

After months of analysis and tests, Doodeo came across the perfect solution that does just like as it should do to better performance and, even better yet, a tool that is free to use.

We are talking about JivoChat.

This software could fit perfectly on our marketing plan, and not just that, make our customer services perform much more with the right setting and configurations. 

JivoChat allowed us to have in just one place all our communication channels. We could answer all messages and contact requests from just one dashboard and software. We could integrate easily without needing to code Facebook Messenger, Email, multiple websites online chats, Telegram, Viber and a phone line with a callback feature. 

How to Communicate With Fans
Using JivoChat, entertainers can communicate with their fan base 24/7.
JivoChat agent dashboard view 

JivoChat functionalities: 

Some features of the tools offer: 

  • Works on any device: mobile, computer and table. JivoChat has an app (Android and iOS) available for free so you can answer all your fans at any time any place; 
  • Multilingual with a real-time translator for over 90 languages. Talk to people around the world in your language using your language; 
  • Good looking and customizable Design to better match your brand visual concept; 
  • Proactive invitations to engage with the audience automatically. Program easily automatic message to be sent to your website visitors based on traffic, conditions, action, and interaction with your website; 
  • Message preview. See what your visitors from your website is typing before they send it, so you can prepare your answer fast and in seconds showing the effectiveness of your support; 
  • Shortcuts, set a range of shortcuts to go through conversations, section and quick answers already saved to enable your support to talk to many different chats and visitors at the same time; 
  • Visit monitor so you can know in real-time who is visiting your website, from where, how long are they on your website, what link did they click to get on your website and if there is already someone talking to them; 
  • Archive for your previous conversations to have all save; 
  • Reports of engagement, performances, time online of your team and much more so you can constantly improve your support. 

JivoChat also has a wide list of native integrations so you can connect easily your communication tool with CRMs, Slack, Analytics and much more. Not just that, but also an open API so you can integrate with any system that requires to either send or collect information from your account with JivoChat. 

JivoChat Widget with a conversation


After searching on the market for many different communication solutions, JivoChat ist the best choice for Doodeo. JivoChat will be a good choice being you an online business, an artist page, records or anything that requires you to connect, interact and talk in real-time with your fan base and audience. 

The best of everything is that JivoChat is free to use and connect multiple channels, however, if you want to achieve the next level on your support and attention to your fans they have a PRO option with a really good and fairs price to increase your support rates for good impacting your online business and increase your sales, bookings, attention, and interaction with your audience.

Join us today and explore our platform further!

Have you used other tools to communicate with your fans? Please, let us know in the comments. We all of your comments!