Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Entertainers

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Entertainers

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Today we want to know everything we possibly can about entertainers. Thanks to social networking, we can quickly find the information we’re looking for. By joining Doodeo today, you can easily connect with local artists, share your talents and personal stories, and find gigs. Forming a community and sharing interesting details about one another is one of the best ways entertainers and their supporters can encourage, motivate, and promote one another. On that note, here are a few fascinating facts you probably didn’t know about entertainers.

Darth Vader.

1. Although you might know Carrie Fisher best for playing Princess Leia in the StarWars Universe, you might not know that she was a best-selling author with her 1987 novel Postcards from the Edge. Fisher was also a highly sought after script doctor in Hollywood. She secretly tweaked and edited multiple high profile screenplays such as Sister Act and Scream 3.

2. Tina Turner is a Swiss citizen. After marrying German music executive Erwin Bach in 2013, Turner chose to make her home in the Alpine country. Turner is also fluent in German, which is a requirement to become a Swiss national.

A scientist.

3. Lisa Kudrow is super smart. Known for playing ditsy roles like Phoebe on Friends, Kudrow is quite the opposite in her personal life. After graduating with a degree in Biology from the prestigious Vassar College, Kudrow went on to assist her headache specialist father in his medical studies. In fact, Kudrow earned research credits for her work with her father on the study of cluster headaches.

A football halftime show.

4. Thank Janet Jackson for YouTube. In what was probably one of the most memorable moments in pop culture history, Jackson suffered the now infamous “wardrobe malfunction” during her halftime performance with Justin Timberlake at Super Bowl XXXVIII. When Jawed Karim missed the incident, he searched the internet to watch it. Unable to find any videos of the event, Karim was inspired to create a video sharing platform that would later evolve into YouTube. In just over a year, YouTube would go on to be purchased by Google for $1.5 Billion.

5. A Parks and Recreation cast member has political ties. Retta is known for playing the saucy and hilarious Donna Meagle on the hit NBC show. Surprisingly, her aunt is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who served as president of the West African nation of Liberia from 2006 until 2018.

Creepy Street
A dark, creepy street.

6. Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster never spoke on the set of The Silence of the Lambs. Foster was so frightened by Hopkins’ performance at their first table read, she actively avoided him throughout production. The film’s director, Jonathan Demme, shot their scenes so that all their dialogue was delivered directly to the camera and not to one another. It wasn’t until the last day of shooting that the actors actually spoke when Hopkins approached Foster as she was eating a sandwich.

Wizard of Oz
Cast of the Wizard of Oz.

7. The producers of The Wizard of Oz tried to change everything about Judy Garland’s appearance. When she was 16 years old, Garland was cast as Dorothy in the iconic film. After her casting, Garland’s teeth were capped, she was forced to wear painful nose plugs to change the shape of her nose, and was urged to take-up smoking to control her weight. She was even given highly addictive amphetamines to suppress her appetite. This began Garland’s lifelong battle with addiction, to which she succumbed in 1969.

A Jack-o-Lantern.

8. The little girl from Halloween is now a Real Housewife. Kyle Richards is best known today as being a highly memeable member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. At nine years old, however, Richards was one of the children being babysat by Laurie Strode in the famous and influential slasher film Halloween. Richards also happens to be the aunt of former celebutante Paris Hilton.

9. Steven Spielberg originally wrote the screenplays for E.T. and Poltergeist as a single script. As a kid, Spielberg was fascinated by aliens and hoped for an extraterrestrial best friend. As he began writing a script about a family whose son is abducted by aliens, he grew to feel that the story was too dark. Instead of scrapping his work, he simply divided the script in half. One half became the heart-warming story about a boy and his alien, the other became a thriller about a family terrorized by ghosts.

An alien form.

10. Many entertainers get their start as children, but few are as successful as Anna Kendrick. Before she was singing her heart out with the Bellas in the Pitch Perfect films, Kendrick was a Tony Award nominee. At the age of twelve, she became one of the youngest actors ever to be nominated for a Tony for her work in 1998’s production of High Society.

Olivia de Havilland
Olivia de Havilland.

11. Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine never settled their bitter sibling rivalry. Competitive since childhood, both Golden Age actresses went on to be Oscar winners. Though Olivia is better known for playing Melanie Wilkes in Gone With the Wind, she and Joan remain the only two siblings to win Oscars in a lead category. Their lives in Hollywood often overlapped, but the two sisters never reconciled, even until Joan’s death at age 96. Olivia would pass away at 104.

12. Entertainers often have famous parents, and SNL funny lady Maya Rudolph is no exception. Her mother was the famous soul singer Minnie Riperton. Maya’s mom is best known for her 1975 hit “Lovin’ You,” which is instantly recognizable thanks to her extremely high vocal range. Riperton can be heard singing “Maya, Maya” to her infant daughter at the end of the recording. Sadly, Riperton passed away from breast cancer in 1979.

Drawing of an Oscar.

13. In 1991, Laura Dern was up for the Best Actress Oscar while her mother was a fellow nominee…for the same film. When Dern appeared with her mother, Diane Ladd, in Rambling Rose, both actresses gave strong performances that landed them nominations at the 64th Academy Awards. This was the first time in history that a mother-daughter duo had ever been nominated for Oscars in the same film.


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