9 Pinterest Account to Follow about Artist to Keep Up Your Style

9 Pinterest Account to Follow about Artist to Keep Up Your Style

One of the famous social platforms to showcase your choices and preference and make a sound following from that is certainly Pinterest. Celebrities have used this platform to interact, and most of the time, influence masses through the very medium.

If you like to be somewhat similar to your favorite celebrity, then it’s always nice to pick their fashion sense, new trends, and much more before it becomes common.

Here, we closely look at 10 Pinterest account everyone should follow to know their favorite stars’ likes, choices, and trends.

1. Ellen DeGeneres
We start the list with a bang. Come on, people! Who does not know Ellen? Ellen DeGeneres is a multi-talented individual as she is also a successful real estate agent apart from being notoriously famous for her talk shows, hosting, and much more. So, anyone who needs some tips in a flipping trait needs to follow this account.

2. Jessica Alba
A contrast compared to her on-screen persona. Jessica Alba’s usual pins are related to home decoration and children trends. People looking to up the fashion taste, house decorum and all the ins and out of becoming a new mom should definitely follow her.

3. Reese Witherspoon
The actress, producer, and entrepreneur pins everything from entertainment to various tips. Well, her name should be enough to entice everyone, but if someone still needs one more reason, the actress also owns a fashion line called Draper James.

4. Rachel Zoe
This one should be made compulsory for everyone. Who better to follow then a renowned celebrity stylist? Being than 20 years in the fashion industry, here you can find the many insights from the professional herself.

5. Carson Kressley
Another celebrity stylist, designer, and television personality make the illustrious list. Carson mainly focuses on Men’s’ fashion and styling and has a name for himself in the niche.

6. Lauren Conrad
This talented fashion designer’s pins mostly consist of herself and day to day activities. She also shares different ideas and DIY from time to time.

7. Diane Keaton
The vastly talented Diane Keaton famous actress, director, producer, photographer, author, and singer Diane Keaton has a knack of posting pins mainly in black and white.

8. Martha Stewart
The businesswoman, writer, former model post almost anything she likes. Giving life and pleasure inputs, advice on food and nature, decorations, and anything one can imagine.

9. Olivia Palermo
Another influencer, socialite, and entrepreneur makes the cut. Following Olivia will cater to all your needs and desires, like traveling recommendations and fashion, to name a few.

Although it’s great to follow any of the above- mentioned icons, if you are an artists you should definitely keeping an eye on an up and coming platform for starters is also a must.

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