5 Tools That Every Entertainer Should Be Using

5 Tools That Every Entertainer Should Be Using

Entertainers are some of the most influential and sought out people in the world. They are the ambassador of their industry, segment, and people. Have you ever wondered why some artists or entertainers gain much higher value status and prestige compared to their competitors?

Well, in the early 1900s, things were different as people were not globally connected and very seldom singers, actors, or painters needed to market themselves. But this is the 21st Century where all the little things like social media, public handling, PR can make a significant impact on one’s career. To understand this better, we look at the top 5 tools every entertainer should do to boost their value, following, and stardom. So let’s rock and rolls.

1  Social Networks

At the top of the line, we have social networks. This is probably the most vital and important tool which should be used by every person in the entertainment industry.

Having a platform where you can connect with fans on a personal level really builds trust and camaraderie. Web portals like Facebook and

Twitter can be used to increase following, generate revenue and it can also show different sides of your personal or professional life.


2  Media Sharing Networks

Pictures sometimes not always convey the right feelings or emotions. For this, there are mediums like Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat. Where not only can you share pictures but also speak your heart out and show behind the scene of what it is like being an entertainer.

Yes, Facebook and Twitter also have a video sharing option, but why not broaden your social networks and use every platform.
P.S: Youtube is still the most popular media sharing website in the world.

3 Discussion Forums 

It is equally important to be associated with some discussion forums as well as being active on various social media. There is no better feeling than having your queries answered by the exact person. People search and have different questions regarding their favorite entertainers, and many times there are bogus and false statements spread all over the internet.

What better way to if some artists could join discussion forums like Quora or Reddit and answer their top-rated or most frequent answers rest assured they will see a huge bounce in their number of fans.

4 Community Blogging networks 

On the number 4th spot, we will be looking at blogging networks. Places like Medium, Tumblr, or even Twitter can be a great asset to get your message and opinions, or latest updates about new projects without any intermediaries.

A continuous and active entertainer can reap great benefits from users who follow the microblogging website religiously.

5 Doodeo

Last but in no way the least is a hybrid platform that can contribute enormously to your career. Although Doodeo has gained much traction, entertainers can connect with hiring managers and venue owners through Doodeo. This serves as a multi-purpose idea where demand meets supply in a super easy and viable manner.

It can serve perfectly as your professional platform to build your portfolio without needing to create your website.


These are some of the credible tools out there. Best of all, all of them are free. They can significantly swing the pendulum in your favor and bring fame and stardom which artists in yesteryears had to wait for years or sometimes decades.

This can also work as a double-edged sword if not understood and handled carefully. One pro tip will be to either indulge completely or in a certain domain or refrain entirely. 

Fans hate to follow someone who is on social platforms but rarely interacts or after long periods of inactivity. So be sure to be present, close and attentive with your audience and fans.