Artists and the entertainment industry is one of the vital organizations for a country’s growth and to portray a soft image across the globe. It helps shape the image the world has about the nation and the culture.

People look up to these personalities and youth adores their charisma and career. These larger than life artists are not just global attractions but the flag bearer and ambassadors of their industry as well as countries. South Korea mastered this process by making the K-Pop culture a state program that is helping generate billions of dollars annually for the country and promote the culture and nation name all around the world.

Even though it’s an important industry for every country to flourish as a big nation, the life of the artists isn’t a piece of cake. As they famously say “All that Glitters is not Gold”  and the same is the case for the industry of media, performing arts, and its related niches. 

We prepared a list of 5 habits that people in the artist industry need to quit TODAY!

  • Losing Modesty

Well, to start off almost the majority of artists are pretty humble and down to earth in their personal meetups and gatherings. Having a stable state of mind and easy-carry their persona is a must-have skill. In the end, they are a public figure and need to hold things together. But this can get a different turn and become one of the biggest issues for newcomers in the industry who get overnight popularity and stardom. The examples of this are widely known in many different situations, right Justin?

Most often, they fail to keep their feet on the ground at least for the initial part of their career. This is extremely vital to rectify as young people look up to these celebs and might be seeing themselves following someone cocky, rude, or arrogant behavior which may mold their character in a bad way. This is something that should definitely be avoided for any artist or public at any level of their career.

  • Prioritizing money

Another grave speculation about the artist is that they turn into a money-making machine as soon as they get some social and financial tractions. To some extent, this is their right as they have dedicated their lives to make it to the grandest stage.

Many times it is observed that entertainers decline to perform due to deals not lucrative enough or asking for a very steep paycheck. While the preference should be given towards talent, performance, and viewers, artists are more interested in how much they are benefitting from each venture.
Sure, this is their business but money should not take precedence over performance and fans’ attention. Which is, at the end, what keeps them on the game.

  • Stopping to learn or adapt

Let’s just recall a great quote that fits perfectly with this point.

“You Die when you stop learning” — Albert Einstein

No wonder every word is true in that statement. Getting to a point where confidence turns into overconfidence is the start of the end. People or artists-wanna-be who adapt their skills and knowledge over time, aiming to reinvent their craft by learning to be in the thick of things, are the influencers the world goes after.

They become the legends everyone remembers even after their prime or demise.
Micheal Jackson, Elvis Pressly, Beatles, Marilyn Monroe are just some of the great examples.

There are numerous one-hit wonders all over the world where either they failed to change with time or overused their tried and tested formula. It’s better to learn from other’s mistakes and improve yourself rather than becoming an example for someone else.

  • Staying sober

This one is a grey area for sure. No one likes talking about the dark secrets of the entertainment industry, but the fact is they do exist. Taboo issues like drug addiction, nepotism,  sexual abuse, lies are just part and parcel of the industry. 

In these surroundings, it’s relatively easy to get carried away and indulge in an unacceptable situation.

But for a true star to become a global icon or legend, staying sober is almost a given. Other issues like drugs, alcohol, etc, are seen as obstacles and hurdles in the path of greatness, not something to take pride in.

  • Not reaching true potential

Last but certainly not least is being complacent. After reaching a certain status or getting to a specific goal some artists fail to realize their true potential and come to a standstill.  Not properly showcasing their talent or having the “Sales” approach when they can take their talent to newer heights that even they are unaware of.
It’s so very important to have their material presented professionally and broadcasted on a broader level to reap maximum financial and personal benefits. 

Thanks to platforms like where professional artists can connect with hiring agencies, booking agents, managers, and important figures at the industry, which can transform a novice mindset into a more mature, expert, and confident personality at an early stage of their career. It’s something that any artist at any level can leverage from. 


All in all, there are many things a successful artist has to rectify and correct at every stage of his career. These are just a few caveats that hinder credibility, impact, and reduces a promising performer’s true potential.

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