12 Do’s and Don’ts to Become A Successful Artist

12 Do’s and Don’ts to Become A Successful Artist

“Successful Artist,” this word directly connects your thoughts to being incredibly talented, lucky, and wealthy. Well, in some parts, it’s true, but it is not everything. Being a successful artist takes a lot; most importantly, it takes a complete change of lifestyle. Below, you will find a brief list of 12 Do’s and Don’ts to Become A Successful Artist.

Here are some of the traits artists have incorporated into their lives while some points are a pure NO – NO to become successful in their careers.

Do: Choose and find your niche

You might have noticed that almost all successful artists are immediately recognizable, not because of the marketing strategies only, also due to their unique style and how they present themselves.

They offer something that they can claim to be theirs.

You surely don’t want to be lost in the pool of millions of unheard artists, do you?

Then start focusing on finding a particular niche, that makes you unique. Think outside the box, but don’t overdo it.

Don’t: Pocket the cash

Once you start earning through your art, don’t spend it all on yourself. It’s wise to put some back in art too.
Such as, buy more merchandise and invest in marketing and PR.

The more people know about you and your craft, the more opportunities to earn.

Do: Stay consistent and active

Many artists stop after struggling a few miles only because they aren’t getting their expected recognition.

But, little do they know, the key to not miss the mark is to stay steady and confident.

Don’t: Ignore the audience

Do you know who is your best critic? Your audience! Be all ears to what your audience is saying about you and interact as much as you can.

Stop by for quick selfies with fans, or autographs it’s always healthy and eventually pays off in the long run.

Do: Take care of your well-being 

The road to success in the entertainment industry doesn’t necessarily mean burning the midnight oil every day.

Not ignoring the fact that work is hard and needs consistency, but your health and wellbeing matters the most.

Therefore, take care of your diet and avoid other temptations to stay focused.

Don’t: Put unpolished art

Do you know, you only have 30 seconds to make an impression on your audience and make them decide whether they want to listen or view your content or not.

Therefore, don’t stand a risk of delivering mediocre and unfinished work.

What are the odds that people will listen to some poor recordings when they have gazillions of high-quality recordings available? Pay attention to details!

Do: Be professional 

When we say “be professional” that doesn’t only refer to your personal behavior but also the profile you are setting up.

Being a professional starter kit in the entertainment industry includes having an official website, updated social media accounts, business cards, and professional photos.

Don’t: Hibernate

It’s a usual practice among show organizers to invite artists who are in face to face networks on a daily basis.

There is a phrase used in the entertainment industry “out of sight” for artists who hibernate in their caves. Don’t do that! Go out and interact with people!

Do: Entertain advice

Seeking help and advice on something that you are lacking isn’t bad. Always go to people who have been in the industry and operations long before you.

Learn from their mistakes and be open to what they have to say.

Don’t: Rush

Jumping straight into something new might sound exciting and tempting. However, the road to success is not all rainbows and unicorns.

Therefore, sticking to your goals and not rushing are the words to keep. The slow and steady pace is much more favorable than fast and bumpy.

Do: Perform Live

One way to come out of your hibernation cave is to do live performances.

Trust us, the audience likes it more in-person and admires live persona much more than through phone screens and gadgets.

Also, live performances are open opportunities to build a network and create your support base.

Do: Appreciate Others

Making your own content and art doesn’t mean others are doing it bad and wrong. The industry is full of people throwing shade at each other, but you should act considerately!

Support and appreciate other people’s content when you genuinely enjoy it.

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