10 Facebook Pages to Follow about Entertainers for Entertainers

10 Facebook Pages to Follow about Entertainers for Entertainers

Entertainment is the feeling of happiness, success, exuberance and much more combine is a zap of a joyous moment. To experience this, many watch movies, sing songs, play an instrument or do something which gives them pleasure and satisfaction. 

Entertainers are the ones who produce and transform a simple moment into everlasting and memorable. For anyone involved on the entertainment world and desires to be par on news, information, stories and much more these following pages is something you should follow and check out regularly. 

Here are the top 10 Facebook Pages every artist and entertainer should like and follow about entertainers 

1.  Maxim

Maxim is a famous magazine for men which usually features actors and actresses. Anyone who wants to up their game should definitely

check out this page.


2. The Hollywood Reporter  
Another digital and print media that you should follow to know all the updates in the world of entertainment. This Page mainly focuses on television shows and movies from all over the place. 

3. Entertainment Weekly 

Going a step further in bringing the user all the information in one place. Entertainment Weekly covers music, books, culture, theatre along with movies and tv.

4. People Magazine 

This mag provides all the in-depth analysis and stories of your favorite celebrities. Anyone who like to stay up to date in the friends’ circle and doesn’t want to miss on any news then this page is solely for you. Get all the information from on-set gossips to personal likes and dislike.

5. IMDb

One of the most popular pages and websites out there, especially for all the movie buffs, IMDb provides all the stats and information for movies, videos, and tv shows.

6. Entertainment on Facebook

This page tracks your celebrity like no one else. Get the latest news gossips and updates of your favorite celebrity. What they are doing in their professional and personal lives.


Just before we explore some specific pages of the most followed and liked celebs in the world, another page that is making waves and taking the entertainment industry by storm is Doodeo. 

7. Doodeo

Doodeo is the platform which connects underground artist, musicians and talented individuals with investor and talent acquisition team. This page is for everyone who once wished or wants to become an artist and embark on a journey similar to the artist we are going to discuss now.


Here are some pages of individual personalities with major traction and activities.

8 Shakira
One of the most sought out a celebrity on Facebook with about 104 million followers. Shakira is one megastar you should definitely follow. One of the most prominent singer and personality in the world, no wonder she is hand and shoulder above her compatriots

9 Eminem

With close to 91 followers, Eminem is 2nd on Facebook for musician and artist after Waka Waka singer.

10 Rihanna

Rihanna has close to 81 million followers on the social networking site. She is also in the top 10 artists with the most followers on Facebook.



Any prominent artist you like 

Celebrities like Rihanna, Justine Bieber, Lady Gaga are all famous on a social media platform and their rankings or should we say page followers vary.

Therefore, any artist of your choice should be great to follow and keep an eye on their activities should provide you with entertainment and knowledge in the long run. 


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