10 Compelling Reasons Why We Need Artists

10 Compelling Reasons Why We Need Artists

Can you imagine a world without art? No graffiti on the streets walls, no music, no dancing, nor any other type of entertainment. It would be rather quiet and dull.

Luckily, art exists as long as human beings do, and only its techniques, mediums, and styles change over time. As art evolves, we continually get to experience something new, by providing something fresh to our senses.

But, there’s a lot more to art than its beauty. Art has the power to change people’s lives. It can reshape society. It can make the world feel as a whole again. Without art, we would find it hard to stay connected and united, especially when there are so many things attempting to drive us apart.

10 Compelling Reasons Why We Need Artists (Photographer)

With that in mind, here are 10 compelling reasons why we need artists.

1. Artists are truth-tellers

Art is imaginative, but it always originates from the artists’ emotions, observations, and their positions in society. To be able to grasp the truth around themselves, artists first have to find it within. Having this unique capability allows them to detect vital information, and then use it to convey strong but easily digestible messages. Not only can people “see” their messages, but they also feel them deeply. The truth told through art imprints in our brains in a way that simple words can’t. That is powerful.

Photographers, for instance, capture what is in front of them. But, only a slight change in their lenses’ positioning can make a big difference in the way a story is told.

2. Artists express universal emotions

Songwriters tell stories about broken hearts and people they have lost, about relationships that inspire and adventures that make us filled with joy. Although those are personal stories, sometimes real and other times partially or even entirely fictional, it’s easy for us to relate to them through the lyrics.

We often find hope in the words we listen to because we realize that what has happened to us was not an isolated event. It’s a shared experience that many have gone through. That makes us feel connected with others, understood, and accepted. It also gives us the courage to move on. The added music to those compelling stories only enhances our emotions and increases the effect.

3. Art depicts culture from all around the world

The world is a fascinating mix of cultures, traditions, symbols, and people. Traveling and experiencing different cultures is always the best, but we can’t afford to see the whole world, and learn about all the little things that make every place unique.

Artists create different experiences and transmit them beyond every border so that others can see, listen, feel, and even taste different portions of a particular culture. Even more, through their creative works, artists teach us to understand, appreciate, and tolerate differences. Nobody would question that this is something that the world desperately needs.


4. Art connects the past, the present and the future

Thanks to art, we are able to keep records of the past and make new ones for future generations to explore. From the prehistoric cave paintings to the photographs documenting various recent civil movements, art has been an expression form that enables a sort of time travel. On these journeys through time, we learn new things, experience them, and develop particular emotions.

Art undoubtedly contributes to human history records, but it also affects how we pack our personal memories. Old movies, photos, songs, and even the very first drawings we made as children rouse warm and nostalgic feelings. These stories of the past, if well kept, will someday bring the same warmth in our children and grandchildren’s hearts.

5. Artists give hope and courage

If put in the right hands, art can be used to bring back hope and instill courage in society. When countries around the world face difficulties, artists, through various forms of expression, can make people believe that things are going to get better in the future. Believing is an integral part of taking action, so artists can start a chain reaction of good doing that people will likely want to keep on doing.

When they feel discomfort in their lives, many artists try to convey and transform that feeling through their art. They believe it’s their obligation to find the reasons for that feeling. Sometimes it’s even a burden for them to be sensitive about everything. But, they have such a wonderful gift to create something beautiful from the problems in our lives and societies. So, we must admit they use their skills in the best possible way.

6. Art can push people to act and make a change

Art allows making societal changes that move the world toward the better. Because artists make deep observations, and implement powerful messages into their art, they often inspire us to do something about the rising issues in our environment. They can indirectly make an impact on cultural, economic, or political decisions.

Whether through a single photo, graffiti, or hip-hop song, artists can encourage people to think and question things that are happening around them. Suppose an artwork with a strong message manages to reach a broad audience. In that case, it can pull people out of their armchairs and send them in the streets to fight corruption, unlawfulness, poverty, or any other problem that the world faces today.

Hip-hop artist

7. Art makes us think

Watching a painting requires some thinking too. We can all be impressed by what we see, but people who genuinely appreciate art go a step further and try to get inside the painter’s mind. What did he think and feel when he was painting the picture, and what was he trying to say? It may take a minute, or even just a second to realize, but that’s the time the observer needs to make sense of the artistic creation he is exposed to. Thinking about a piece of art also allows us to find relatable connections with our points of view, experiences, and emotions.

It’s similar in other art spheres as well. We are required to activate our brains to get the deeper meaning. No wonder creativity is considered a type of intelligence. It has a remarkable ability to unlock our brains’ potential, and enables us to become better at other things.

8. Art provides reflection

Art is like a mirror held up in front of us, allowing us to see ourselves for what we are and what we do. It helps with facing up the challenges in life and the world at large. We see things through another set of eyes, in a different form, which often brings another perspective. This process awakens us and makes us realize what we need to do to improve our quality of life.

Why do we love stand-up comedy otherwise? Or comedy in general. It’s because we know what we hear is true. Real-life situations have inspired even the funniest jokes. When stand-up comedians perform, they self-reflect on their life, or manifest their observations of events happening around them. We find them amusing because they’re true for most of us.

9. Education in a unique form

Not everybody reads the news, but a viral drawing with a strong message can reach millions of people. In this sense, art provides an original form of education. It combines the fun with the important, the beautiful with the satirical, the pleasant with the real. If we tried to define it, art could never mean just one thing. Instead, it can have a different meaning to everyone, and it can provide many aspects of “reading” the message.

On the other hand, creating art provides benefits on our personal development, especially on with children’s. Studies show that artistic activities help children with other subjects such as languages and math, and improve their visual, motor, and social skills.

10. Artists inspire and motivate

In the same way that artists make us think and give us valuable information and insights through their work, they inspire us to do things that are personally or globally important to us. Watching a movie can inspire us to make decisions, change our views, and take specific actions. Similarly, watching a dance performance can motivate us to become dancers. Reading a book can evoke some ideas within our own minds.

Art also inspires people to be more accepting of other cultures, races, and religions. We are inclined to ask more questions and be curious about ideas communicated through art. Art criticizes and provokes. That’s why art is a creation, a process, a movement rather than a static result.


As you can see, there are many reasons why we need artists. That is without even listing the obvious ones, like transposing the beauty of nature and letting us see through the artist’s eyes and mind.

We need artists the same way we need doctors, teachers, and protectors of our safety. They are here to observe and listen, and to represent people’s voices within our society. Artists are a rare example of a moving force that uses something pleasant to make a difference in the world. How would we possibly live without them?

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