10 Best Mobile Apps for Entertainers

10 Best Mobile Apps for Entertainers

Whether we are willing to admit it or not, we are spending a lot of time glued to our phones these days. We live in an increasingly digitized world where, luckily, that is considered normal. While browsing through social media on our phones can often be a waste of time, our dearest device can become a handy companion in our job with the right productivity tools installed. Read through the 10 best mobile apps for entertainers, and choose the ones that could make your work easier and more efficient.

Performing Artist

1. Scene Study – Mobile App for Actors

One of the most time-consuming things that all actors need to do is practice and memorize lines. Scene Study is a mobile app that can make this process painless and more fun. The app allows you to record your lines, cues for them, and the other parts’ lines in the production. Once you’ve set up the scenes, you are ready to rehearse whenever you have a minute to spare – be it while grocery shopping, driving, or doing chores. The coolest thing about this app is that it’s made by actors, so you can rest assured it must be useful. 

Download it for iOS for $2.99.

Scene Study - Mobile App for Actors

2. Backstage Casting – Mobile App for Actors, Dancers, Singers, and Models

This app is an extended, mobile version of the well-known desktop auditions resource for actors, dancers, singers, and models. If you are in the entertainment industry, you must have a Backstage profile, and the app will make it possible to do everything on the go. Once you have set your profile, you can search for casting calls and auditions in your area that match your criteria. The app will also notify you when something based on your preferences appears, so you won’t miss an opportunity to apply.

We recommend using this app in conjunction with Doodeo, so that your chances to land more gigs increases significantly. A great idea would be to include the link of your Doodeo profile on your Backstage profile to best promote your work on the app.

Download it for iOS for free (then pay a $19.99 monthly membership fee to unlock all features).

Backstage Casting - Mobile App for Actors, Dancers, Singers, and Models

3. GarageBand – Mobile App for Musicians

Musicians who like to create music on the go should definitely have this app on their iPhone or iPad. Packed with many powerful features that enable users to record, arrange, and mix songs, GarageBand is a fully loaded mobile recording studio. There’s a collection of instruments available to play with. Additionally, the sound library gives access to more free instruments, loops, and sound packs. It has multi-track support, enabling you to edit all the song elements into a single project. Many music business professionals use this popular app to quickly create demos because great ideas can strike anytime and anywhere.

Download it for iOS for free.

GarageBand - Mobile App for Musicians

4. iReal Pro – Mobile App for Musicians

As one of the oldest and most popular mobile apps for musicians, iReal Pro is an excellent accompanying tool to have on your practice sessions. Musicians of all levels can use it. In fact, teachers and students often utilize it at some of the world’s top music schools. 

As it says in the app description, this app is a book and a band in one. You can indeed use it to store all your chord charts in one place, and also to improve your skills through ample practice options. Some of the features include recording yourself while playing or singing with accompaniment, choosing from different accompaniment styles and personalization with various sounds, editing existing songs, creating your own, etc.

Download it for iOS for $13.99 or for Android for $12.99. In-app purchases are available for both platforms.

iReal Pro - Mobile App for Musicians

5. Standupper – Mobile App for Stand-up Comedians

Organizing your work as a stand-up comedian may not be easy, and many people find that’s one of the things affecting their productivity the most. Apps like Standupper can be of great help.

This app is described as the comedian’s notebook, and that is simply what it is. It allows you to make records of your ideas, either in written or audio form. Adding keywords to your jokes helps you to group them by topic and provides better searchability. You can then create sets out of your entered bits, and practice them right on the app. One of the coolest features is the ability to record and time your routines, which can be useful if you have a limited slot for open mic performances. Last but not least, the rating system makes it possible to grade your bits and sets, so you can keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

Download it for Android for free.

Standupper - Mobile App for Stand-up Comedians

6. Dad Jokes – Mobile App for Comedians

Comedians have to work hard if they want their audience to laugh at their jokes. But, inventing funny stories is not something you could just sit down for and start writing about. That is why it’s essential to regularly stimulate the brain with creative and witty thoughts in order to be able to produce them. The right way of practicing this kind of brain stimulation is through jokes apps. 

We recommend Dad Jokes, a collection of puns and corny jokes. The app has a minimalistic design, an extensive archive of one-liners, an option to personalize themed jokes, and to add your own. Although we wouldn’t recommend using any of these one-liners in your stand-up routines, they can definitely inspire you to come up with some good jokes on your own.

Download it for Android for free (in-app purchases available). 

Dad Jokes - Mobile App for Comedians

7. Coach’s Eye – Mobile App for Dancers

There are many apps for dancers available for both iPhone and Android users, and finding the best ones for your dancing style is not that hard. However, all dancers, no matter if they practice ballet or hip-hop, can benefit from Coach’s Eye. 

This app is not specifically designed for dancers, but for athletes. Still, dancers and athletes have a lot in common – they both rely on proper movements and positioning of the body to achieve great results on the field or on stage. The app allows you to record the action in front of you to later spot errors in slow motion and make notes of your dancing techniques. You can also draw directly on the screen and share your reviewed routine with your crew, which can be very helpful when preparing a choreography.

Download it for iOS for $4.99 or for Android for free. In-app purchases are available for both platforms.

Coach's Eye - Mobile App for Dancers

8. Magisto Video Editor & Maker – Mobile App for Dancers

If you want to share your dancing routines with your social media followers, you need to have Magisto downloaded on your phone. The app uses artificial intelligence to find the best parts of your uploaded video recordings, and then combines them into a professional-looking video. Some of the options will also enable you to stabilize the video recording, add photos, effects, impressive graphics, and transitions. You can also select an audio track and use Instagram-like filters. Once you are happy with your masterpiece, share it directly on your social media profiles, and enjoy your stardom.

Download it for iOS or Android for free (then choose a plan).

Magisto - Mobile App for Dancers

9. 52Kards – Mobile App for Card Magicians

Where would an aspiring card magician begin? We’d suggest checking out 52Kards. This resource has been instructing magicians for almost 10 years. It’s the first place where beginners should start looking if they want to learn card tricks, improve their card handling skills, sleight of hand tactics, and flourishes. The app is basically an archive of well-delivered tutorial videos that are organized by level of difficulty. For the more dedicated card magic students, it is possible to purchase additional courses. Their YouTube channel is also a valuable source you should subscribe to.

Download it for Android or iOS for free.

52Kards - Mobile App for Card Magicians

10. Inject 2 – Mobile App for Magicians and Illusionists

Are you into mixing technology with magic and illusions? Then make sure you check this app, which is packed with tricks you can perform on other people’s phones. By using Inject 2 (Inject-Magic on App Store), magicians and illusionists can learn how to incorporate some fascinating effects into their acts. Apart from the included effects, users can also create their own. To get a better idea of what this app does, check the video below. 

The app is free to download, but you’d need to make one-off purchases to see the effects. However, judging by the users’ reviews, it seems like it’s well worth it. There’s also a Facebook group for this app’s users, where they help and support each other, which definitely gives an added value. Give it a try, and prepare to blow your audience’s mind away.

Download it for Android or iOS for free (in-app purchases available).

Inject 2 - Mobile App for Magicians and Illusionists

Bonus Recommendation: Doodeo – Platform for All Entertainers

This list wouldn’t be complete without the platform that is dedicated to all entertainers. Even though Doodeo doesn’t have an available app yet, the website is mobile friendly and should work on any smartphone. Whether you are a musician, an actor, a comedian, or any other kind of performer, we suggest you create a profile on Doodeo to keep track of all gig opportunities out there.

Creating a profile is simple and free, and will allow you to showcase your work to your fans, prospect hirers, and fellow entertainers. Think of your profile as a multimedia-rich CV you can use to directly apply for gigs. A good profile will also help you stand out and be discovered by entertainment-seekers.

Doodeo is more than just a platform for finding gigs. It’s a complete promotion tool, and with many new features coming soon, it can make a remarkable turnaround in your career.

Access Doodeo on any device.

Doodeo - Platform for All Entertainers



If you found that some apps on this list sound useful, we recommend that you download them right away. And while you are at it, expand your search and check what else is out there. Having the best mobile apps installed on your phone (and actually using them) can help you improve your craft and become a better entertainer. 

If you feel you are ready to perform, check the Gigs section on our platform Doodeo. Maybe someone is already looking for an entertainer with skills like yours. Don’t have a profile yet? Do that first. You don’t want to miss out on the chance to be discovered, even when you are not actively looking.